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Half the battle is seeing the “unwanted” element before it gets into your building. Proper lighting is very important to light up your perimeter so your security cameras and security guards can see traffic in and out of the property and the building. Outside lighting of entrances and parking areas can discourage prowlers or casual intruders.

The value of adequate lighting as a deterrent to crime cannot be overemphasized. Adequate lighting is a cost-effective line of defense in preventing crime. All sides and approaches to the facility should be illuminated. Lighting should be directed downward and away from the facility and away from personnel assigned to patrol the facility. The goal is to create as few shadows as possible. Perimeter lights should be installed so the cones of illumination overlap, eliminating areas of total darkness if any one fails to light. A weekly visual examination should be made of all exterior illumination to ensure proper function.

Lighting should be controlled by an automatic photoelectric cell allowing an extension of the daylight hours and providing protection against human error. This will ensure operation during inclement weather. All exterior lighting fixtures should be secured in vandal/ weather resistant housing. Interior lights should also be regulated by timers when the building is unoccupied.

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